From The Notebook – My REAL Workouts

I’m very big on recording every single workout I hit in the gym. To fully develop your body, one must keep a close eye on continually progressing, and continually challenging oneself. This is a collection of my REAL training through off season, all the way up to contest prep.

From The Notebook: Hip Dominant Legs – Glutes and Hams – Oct 6, 2014

I gotta say that I REALLY love this workout. I leave the gym feeling pretty spent, and feeling that in the days after like I’ve really done something good in the gym. Now, keep in mind that this workout is more about total volume and just really giving your ALL […]

From The Notebook: Oct 4 – Bicep and Tricep Strength – Mixed Rep

I have a great workout in store for this one. Be ready to experience an INSANE pump from it too. I’m playing around with time under tension in this workout, and lifting loads that are more on the moderate to heavy side. In my split this workout is the final […]

From The Notebook: Off Season Legs – Glute Dominant and Hamstrings – Week 1

My off season is focused on overall hypertrophy. Legs are definitely an area that I’m really trying to bring up. For the longest time, I would be afraid to train my legs because they have always been naturally “big”. But what I’ve found as I’ve gotten leaner through dieting is that […]