The last few weeks have been a crazy ride indeed.  Somewhere around the mid-way point in my prep I got bored.  Like around 8 weeks out or so.  I had already been on this task of perfecting my body for 2 months.  And I still had another 2 months to go before showtime.  I was ahead of the game, and I was in need of new challenges.  My body started going crazy with the caloric changes I had to make to get me show ready and all the running I was doing.  Needless to say, the body runs on a completely different energy and macronutrient needs for each.  And both these things, competing and running, are on polar ends of the spectrum when it comes to what will fuel the final goal.  So I had to make a decision…  What’s more important to me?  Running will always be there, and I want to step on stage my best.  So I had to once again adjust my training.

Fast forward a few more weeks.  I found my motivation and drive once again.  Around 7 weeks out I hired an EXCELLENT diet coach, Erik Ledin of Lean Bodies Consulting.  He’s tough as nails, but smart as hell, and knows what he’s doing.  He and I see eye to eye in our approach and view on training and nutrition.  So it only made sense to have someone on my team who would not send me through a mental and emotional loops as he tries to overhaul my program weeks before the show.  Everything is in perfect concert in fact, and I hadn’t much to change.  I’ve just gotten VERY specific about what’s going into my body, and the amounts of it.  After only 2 weeks on his program, here’s how my body changed:

I’m very pleased with my progress thus far.  But I still need to push more.  I want to bring my legs out a tad more.  As with many women, that’s always the last thing to come in for me.  I also think that as I draw nearer to the show, they will start to pop more as Erik adjusts my final week of prep.  So overall, I keep on keeping on, and plugging away.

I also wanted to share with you  my newest episode of my web docu-series The Competitive Edge.  I’m 4 weeks out in this video, and dare I say a little leaner than the above photos, lol.  You can check out my workouts and a little more of my thoughts as I wind down to May 28th.

Other than that, I feel totally on track.  Here’s a little sneak peek of me in my suit, decked out with the jewels and some make-up (you know I’ve always gotta throw that fashion magazine fierce on it), lol.

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