So I am here, and I admit, I’ve been away for a little while.  And there is good reason for my absence.  I have been knee deep and waist high in the midst of contest prep for my 2011 season.

But not only have I been training for the stage, but I also have been running.  And when I say running, I mean that I have been training for track and field with the goal of competiting in professional level meets.

You know it’s funny because for a long while I absolutely LOATHED running.   It was like you may as well be pulling out all of my teeth one by one.  But now, I actually love it.  It’s super challenging for me, and I love the feeling of my heart JUMPING out of my chest.  Best of all, it’s getting me leaner, shaping my legs like never before, and increasing my aerobic capacity.  All and all, it’s helping me to attain that goal of reaching elite levels of human conditioning. 

I’m morphing into Wonder Woman as the weeks go by!

How I got into all of this is a story in and of itself.  I was working out on the track one day, hitting up sprints etc. when I was approached by this man that I always see at the track.  We’ve spoken breifly, but he forgot that we had, he says I look different each time I see him.  He ALWAYS asks me who do I run for.  My answer was always…. No One I don’t run!  Well this one day, I was sprinting, doing 100 meters, 8x100m to be exact and he saw me fly by and came running onto the track.  He couldn’t believe it was me, and said that he wanted to show me a few things.  So he fixed my form, showed me how to start properly out of the blocks, and then he got SUPER HYPED.  He said for me to not use this God given talent is a great shame.  He said with how quickly I just picked up what he was showing me is pretty remarkable and that I should consider training to run.  Run professionally.  It turns out, I was being coached by an Olympic Gold Medalist sprinter, and a man who is a coach with the NFL.  WOWSERS!!  I know right!  So from that date, my fate was sealed.  I became a competitive athlete in training.

So right now, I’ve been hitting hills.  So it’s all incline work, both distance and sprints.  And I’m hitting various terrains as well.  So I’m on the dirt, in grass, and asphalt as well.

What you see above is one of my many playgrounds.  We hit this hill which looks so serene and peaceful.  When I say it’s the hill of death, I mean it’s the HILL OF DEATH!  This place is like a mecca for people in the Culver City and surrounding areas.  There are always about a million people trekking up and down this hill all day and everyday.  There are various trails one can run as well.  And if you look down, certainly, you will feel like you’ll meet your death.  But all that stays on my mind is conquering this baby one day at a time.  The other really rewarding experience is the top of the hill and the amazing panoramic view of LA from the ocean to Downtown.

So that alone makes it all so very worth it.

In any case, I’m here, still rocking it out. My next show looms less than 10 weeks away (I’m at 9.5 weeks out right now). And I’m kicking up the intensity both inside and outside of the gym. So here’s to total body transformations!

Oh and by the way, I recently had my body fat tested via hydrostatic weighing, and I am at an amazing 8.6%, current weight is 141.9 lbs.

4 week apart comparison photos:  March 19 and Feb 20, 2011

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