2011 NPC Nationals - Figure E

Well what can I say?  I am SUPER proud of the wonderful package I brought to the national level stage this time around.  What I presented was a much more streamlined physique that was strong and lean.  My focus over the last few months since Team Universe was to bring down my legs and keep the upper body full, strong, and tight.  I fulfilled all of those goals and caught the attention of the judges.

Now I didn’t place as high as I would have liked to.  I placed 15th out of about 50 women in my height class.  There were nearly 1000 competitors total in this the largest show the NPC has seen.  So to be given the nod of approval from the judges on any level is amazing.

Miami was the BEST ever.  Got a chance to catch up with competitor friends, hung out with the most amazing women ever, and watch some friends turn pro.  Truly inspiring and really motivating to put the fire under my ass so I too can one day stand proudly next to them on the IFBB stage.

But now it’s all about rest and mapping out my game plan for next year.  I’ve got some big things planned that I will share in due time.  I realize after this show what it is that I need to do to reach my fullest potential in this “sport.”  And I’m ready to face it all head on, unabashed, and ready to rock and roll!

So here’s to my off season, and the new horizons I am about to embark on!




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