Workout!Today I feel SO f**king amazing. So on top of the world. I had an amazing workout today. I hit the gym for about 2.5 hours. 15 mins cardio warm up on my favorite elliptical:

It’s one of Precor’s newer versions and I freaking LOOOOOOVE that machine. You control your stride and it’s soo smooth and fabulous. I’m an elliptical junkie. Really it’s the only cardio, besides hitting the track, that I can actually stand.

So 15 mins on that. Then, about 1.5 hrs on weights, then topped off with another 30 mins of cardio. Today I focused on back. I did high volume sets of about 8-12 reps, kept the intensity rather high with heavier weights. Back is one of my favorite parts to train. Gotta build and maintain that V taper. It’s all about the V baby. So I ended up doing the following exercises, up to 3-4 sets of each.

Olympic Bar T-Row (90 lbs)
BO DB Row (40 lbs)
Seated Lat Pull Down with D Grip Pull Down Bar (65-70 lbs)
Seated Cable Row (wide grip) w/ D Grip Bar (65-70 lbs)
Free Motion Full Body Row (Like TRX)
FM Alt Intergrated Row in Staggered Stance (30 lbs)

Final cardio for 30 mins on the elliptical.


August 11th marks exactly 4 WEEKS til D-Day. I am so ready man, I am R-E-A-D-Y. Today my entire workout for some reason was fueled by Alicia Keys’ Empire State of Mind. You can take the girl out of NY but you can’t take NY out of the girl. I have my mind set to accomplish greatness, and all I can do is just do it. It’s in my blood… (Shhh, my secret is that a family member of mine is a multi winner Mr. Olympia back in the day. Known as one of the great bodybuilders of our time. This stuff runs blood deep in me, and I’ve awaken a beast…)

I am going in on some extra cardio tonight. The next 4 weeks starts the double sessions… God help me.


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