Hot damn, I was TIII-RED today! Took a nap after training my client and was abruptly awaken by the ringing of my cell phone, lol. Scared me half to death. It was a call coming in from a casting director who may be interested in me doing some fitness expert work on a show. Cool beans. I have to go in tomorrow and be put on tape and have an interview. Sounds pretty positive they’re excited about me and researched me. We’ll see what happens. The universe is a powerful thing.

Ok, so I’m MAJORLY addicted to my protein shake. I mean it’s to the point where I can literally just have 5 of those a day and I’d be as straight as a freakin mofo. Why oooh why banana creme protein shake are you soooo damn good? Whyyyyyy? 

Tonight, I’m gonna be hitting the gym after dark. My new thing. I’m going to do cardio/shoulders/bi’s/tri’s. My legs have been hit by the DOMS! I am at a point where I am finding it hard getting in and out of the car, lol. I have to actually lift my legs with my hands. Tuesday was obviously no joke (that was the workout in the video on the track). I’m on my way to MAC which is near the gym.

I’m pleased with my workouts thus far. I’m just ready for the show date to be here already! LOL. I’m ready to get on stage and present my best. I’m not nervous, just excited. I took some pics for my body space, I neglect my profile immensely. Oh and take a look at my haaair! I’ll be wearing it like this for the show! Check out those abdominal veins…  I’m weird.

I look hella evil in these pics, lol. I’m not wearing any make-up folks, be gentle, lol.

Ok off to buy some make-up to make me Beyonce fabulous, lol. I LOVE her!

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