Hell, sh*t I’m tired y’all. Today I had an early start. Had my boot camp group today, gave them a great workout. Got up at 6:30a (ooh wait I did go to bed at 1:30am, that could be it), trained them at 8am, headed to Santa Monica for a master class with my theater company. That was from 9:15a-1p. Ate, talked to a new client who approached me today about joining the group. Intended to go to the gym…. And KNOCKED OUT! Never made it. Last night I worked out for about 3 hours. 50 mins ss cardio, because I skipped my morning session, and I needed to finish this play that I may be producing, then worked back, hams, glutes (heavy/moderate weight, 8-10 reps, 3-4 sets) took about 45 mins, then another 50 mins of SS cardio so I can finish off ACT II. I didn’t get to workout Thursday because I ended up having so much to do, so I had to catch up on my cardio anyways.

I’m one of those ones who believes in listening to one’s body. Yesterday when I was walking back to my car, all I could think was DAMN, damn, damn, now it’s getting hard. Sadistically, I love it.  It’s like I’m down in the trenches now. The last few weeks are winding down, and it ain’t getting any easier. Viewing the pics of the Europa show has fueled me. I threw on my heels, stood stark naked in front of the mirror (yes I do that, lol, don’t act like you haven’t lol) and practiced my mandatory poses. As I look at my body, I’m like yeah girl, work it. And there’s that delicate balance we all have to ride on now with coming in too lean, looking to hard… So my mind is saying, ok, maintain, maintain, maintain. Don’t go too far. But I love what I see in the mirror. You want to push yourself to those limits, but you want to place well and not be penalized for busting your ass during your prep. So my plan, keep doing what I am. Keep the cardio up to at least stay really nice and conditioned, I may continue to lean out just a bit and if I see it going too far, I’m going to cut back on the cardio to fill out. My eating is pretty clean, I have flavor in the mix with the food, although I almost broke down as I drove past Krispy Kreme. I didn’t do it, but ooooh was I trying to find a reason to justify it, lol. Just a glazed… Oh, ok, no… Post workout glycogen re-up? No? Ok fcuk it. 

Tonight I think I may go to the movies and allow my body to rest as it is asking. I hate half ass workouts, and it’s Saturday night for God’s sake… Almost 6pm. My alarm is set for 8am, I will be in the gym at 9am, stay til 12pm. And I’m looking forward to it.

Carpe Diem.

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