So guess what I bought today… A FOOD SCALE! And my god can I say, mindblowing. I mean here’s the good news, the only thing that I needed to get a handle on are the meats I consume. LOL, my gauge of ounces was waaaay freakin off. So now I love to measure everything. I want to tighten up my diet, just to put on the finishing touches on my physique over the last few weeks. I want to come in with as tight a package as possible, without going overboard.

So I made a trip to Bed Bath and Beyond after my gym run. And I was excited to find out that there is one on Sunset Blvd and Vine (as well as a Trader Joe’s right there). That’s near one of the many gyms I go to (lol I go to like 5 gyms, I hate monotony ). I thought I would have to make a trip out to West LA to get it, that’s the only BB&B I knew of. In any case, I got the one by the Biggest Loser, it measures oz and g. It was $19.99 and digital. Good buy. Tax write off what do I care. So I got to measuring meal 4. And can’t wait to measure meal 5 lol. I’m nuts. 

I also found a really awesome FREE site called There you can log your food and it keeps track of EVERYTHING, it also has a huge database so you can choose the foods you consume easily. Additionally, you can very easily add your own to the database as well, and it saves it. I have discovered that I will be making some changes to my diet indeed. I had some half and half in my coffee today… Yeah no more of that, lol. Don’t ask. It was there and before you know it, it was in my coffee and down my throat. I don’t know how it happened actually, lol. But it won’t happen like that again. 

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