Tightening Up

I don’t know if it’s just in my brain, but this morning I woke up, after closely monitoring my food (with the online journal and the scale) and I’m looking quite a bit drier, in a good way. My abs are popped out even more, and ooooh my gosh when I do a modified standing side pose, I can clearly see my serratus anterior!! Scroll down and take a look at Tanji’s pic with the teal posing suit. You see those muscles on the side of her body, above her abs, the “finger like projections” (as they describe the insertion points of this muscle), yeah that’s your serratus. And I’ve been fighting to try to bring mine out more. They have arrived, and I am now content lol.Here’s what sucks right now. I have to take my car in to get fixed. And they need it for two days. I guess I can rent a car, but ugh I don’t feel like being bothered. So I’m taking the bus… IN LOS ANGELES. My god I might as well have a freakin death wish. Someone please shoot me now. Whatever, it’s not gonna stop me. It’s only a minor inconvenience in any case.


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