Crunch Time

Good day today!

I was soooo hungry for some reason. I guess a combination of the copious amount of walking I did today has something to do with that. I’m so glad my car will be ready tomorrow! Walking in LA isn’t like walking in NY, the blocks here are HELLA long.

Today I carbed up just a bit, jammed out with some legs and did a little back. I’m sooo proud of myself because for the first time ever in all these years I’ve been working out, I have successfully done a set, no FOUR SETS, of full bodyweight pull ups. Ok granted, I did them with the internally rotated grip, but it’s a start. And my back still got quite a bit of work. It’s my goal to be powering up all 135 lbs of myself in wide and narrow grip by next year. 8-10 reps baby.

Which brings me to my next train of thought. My weight has changed by 2 lbs. lol. My COMPOSITION has dramatically changed, my measurements have dropped sooo much. I’m currently sitting in a pair of short shorts that are normally tight tight around my hips and butt. Sexy hip huggers, or at least they used to be. These shits are baggy on my now. Aint that some ish. But my weight, yep, 2 lbs down from when I started, lol. Starting weight was like 137. I’m 135 as of this morning… And tight as hell. Vascular, ripped, abs clearly visible, nice separation in the shoulders and back. I just feel really proud that I’ve been able to really put on some muscle, spare what I had, and cut down on the body fat like no other. Glad to see I know what I’m doing from a professional stand point. I was really nervous about training on my own, but I did well for myself.

So now, 2 1/2 weeks ooout!  I posed in the gym today with my posing suit and heels on. I went to one of the smaller gyms that I work out in. However the thing about this place, is that it was a gym founded by legend Reg Park, and his son now runs it, he was a bodybuilder too. The trainers who work out of there are top notch, there are a lot of celeb clients there (today an Olympic Athlete – gold medalist – was there), 2 past figure competitors where there as well. And here I am in my posing suit in the mirror. I want to get used to being out in the open in my suit. When I practice my posing normally I’m in the studio with my shorts and bikini top. Now it was for real. Well I got nothing but accolades and that felt really good because I’ve been making myself crazy over thinking everything. I’m such a perfectionist. One of the members said, you look absolutely beautiful. I was floored.  So I feel a little better with the anxiety, and now I’m ready to just relax and enjoy the rest of this journey. 

I’m going to over the next two weeks really monitor my carb intake. I’m keeping it low, cycling btw 50-100g/d. My body goes bonkers if I try to go any lower. There’s no need to in any case, I think I’ll be fine. I’m good at 100g/d. Getting through my workouts are tough as hell at 100, but I can make it through if I pace myself. I’m eating a whole hell of a lot of protein to make up for it, I’m also supplementing Protein and BCAAs in the morning and post workout to help keep up with my mass. I’d already been doing that up to this point, the only difference diet wise has been the reduction of the carbs. I think if I can maintain that through the end of this prep, I’ll be ready for stage without too many problems. Veggies, fish, chicken, beef (lean), water… My staples. I’ve become a very creative chef let me tell you, lol.

Daaaaamn this @!#@#$%^@ popcorn icon!  Damn it to hell!


Oh yes and speaking of NY, my ticket is booked! I’ll be back home for a week in Oct. The weekend of the Eastern USA’s. So I’m going to see how I feel after this show, and decide if I will hit the stage for the next! I <3 The Empire State!

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