You know I love waking up in the morning and my stomach feels nice and tight and flat. It’s definitely from the reduced amount of carbs in my diet. Rice, beans, pasta, breads, etc I notice make me a little bloated in the morning. The few times on my contest diet that I’ve eaten those things, especially if it’s during my evening meal, I’ve awoken feeling bloated. 

As I look at myself in the mirror I see the changes my body has made. I admire the soft roundness of my abdominal muscles under my skin. I love the capped domes of my shoulders and how they come to a perfect point and rest beautifully between my biceps and triceps. I notice how vascular I’ve become. The round veins of my arms flowing over the muscle like a train tunnel. And I’m noticing now the veins starting to appear on my lower abdominals as well. For me that’s always a testament to how lean I am. Those are always the last to come in. 

There’s something I really admire about my body when I’m in my top shape. There is this lean gracefulness that is hard to explain but easy to see. I’ve been a dancer my whole life, but the shape that I have when I’m working out isn’t the same shape as a dancer in phenomenal shape. My muscularity is denser; it’s more defined and mature.

I started off my morning with a delicious protein shake. Today I added 1/2 banana and 2 tbsp of wheat germ to it. I’m about to down 1/4 gallon of water right now. Then I’m off to the gym for my first workout. I’m going to double up my cardio over the next 4 weeks. I will do my regular workout in the morning, cardio warm-up/weights/cardio. And then in the evening I’ll just hit cardio to finish off my night. There is a 24 Hour Fitness near me that is open 24 hours, lol. I really like late night workouts now. I just like to get in there and do what I do. Suprisingly the weight room is packed (with dudes) late at night. But I don’t make eye contact with anyone and I wear a mean face when I workout, lol. So I don’t get bothered. Just shocked at how many people workout really late. 

Anyways, let me get my day started. I have some things I need to do before I hit the gym. I’ll check in later with my workout for the day.

Ciao for now.

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