Newest Video! Cardio, Plyometrics, Protein and a New York Edge

We took a more introspective approach but I really love this one. 31 days until D-Day! Well in 2 more hours I will be 4 weeks TO THE DAY.

I got a really pretty rhinestone bracelet to go with my posing suit. I’ll pick up the earrings this week. Already saw a few pairs I wanted. I’ve already decided about my hair… Let’s call it Beyonce! Pics to follow soon :-).

Oh and how can I forget, I’ll be making a trip to MAC this week as well. Any excuse to buy make-up. 

I had a really amazing workout today. Just watch the video, I’m not gonna ramble on about it. Besides, girl is STARVING right now and it’s time to eat some tuna!

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