Piiicccccha Time!


So I just took some quick pics of me in my posing suit at almost officially 2 weeks out. The show is now 2 weeks from tomorrow (Sat Aug 28th).

What a difference 4 weeks makes. My posing has greatly improved. Today I played around with my make-up some more. I know the look I want (smokey with color). In the pics I don’t have my lashes on or my secret weapon… Liquid liner. But the color is great. Pics do it no justice, well at least these pics from my cell’s grainy camera.

My body has developed more. I’m also so crazy obsessed with my back, to me it never looks the way I want it. I’m so big on progress pics with my clients, and this is why. I had no idea my back looked like that, lol. Ok Rox, not bad chica. Work is paying off.

I have 2 more weeks to do some final tweeks. I’m trying to decide if I want to go leaner. The pics don’t fully show all my definition, I’m not tanned and I have no posing glaze on so these are just dry pics. I’m sure once I have the full shebang going, my definition will surely POP.

I’ve been eating SO well, I’m proud of myself. I just had my cycle, so no worries about Aunt Flow coming to visit. Even when I was retaining water, it really wasn’t so bad.

Ok let me STFU, without further ado, here are my pics:

Lighting is shadowed on my face here, but can see the body.

Here’s my back!

Here are two comparisons between today and just about EXACTLY 4 weeks ago. Notice how I don’t look like a complete turd trying to pose. I look spastic in July. I can’t imagine stepping on stage then. I’m sure I’ll look back at the pics from today a year from now and say the same thing, lol.


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