I ended up getting up and being productive today and focused on my model walk and individual posing. So from here out I will practice 4x/week for 30 mins. In heels, shorts and a sports bra. I’ll don my suit when it’s recording day. I don’t want to burn a hole in the damn thing from wearing it too much lol.

I really want my personality to come out in my individual walk. I have a big personality, I love to be fun and a little flirty, but I don’t want to go overboard and look like a gat-damn-fool. I know you guys got on me about my first pose being very bikini, but Heather Mae French does it, and I like her, no I love her, and she makes it work. I’ve seen other girls do it as well, overall winners, class winners, and they make it work. So I want to try it, and if I get my ass kicked for it by the judges, ok then I’ll change it. On that note, here’s the mayhem that happened today:

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