Today I find myself lying prostrate and eating a mix of tuna, HB egg, 1/2 tsp of olive oil, 1/4 c of chopped onion, and a dash of pepper. That’s meal 2. I can probably choke eating lying down, but oh well. Rather die eating clean tuna than a ham sandwhich. Meal 1 was a yummy banana creme protein shake made of 1c Milk (I will NEVER drink my protein with water ), and a scoop of GNC Banana Creme 100% Whey Protein. Now before you get on me about choosing a better quality brand, I love the taste of it, it’s got a good amount of BCAA, low in carbs high in pro, and it tastes AMAZING. I think ON owns this brand so I just let my brain wrap around that thought. I’ve had some nice gains/development so if it ain’t broke (and tastes like a milkshake)…

My workout yesterday turned up as the following:


15 Mins Cardio Warm-Up

Superset #1 – 2 sets
Burpee Tuck (no standing) to Push Up to Side Plank

Bodweight – 8r

Incline DB Fly

15# 12r

Superset #2 – 3 sets
DB Alternating Intergrated Press

15# 12r

“Diamond” Push Up (Shoulders and Hands Internally Rotated)

Bodyweight – 8r

Superset #3 – 3 sets
Cable Single Arm Alt. Intergrated Press w/ Lunge to Toes

25# – 12r (Left then Right)

Superset #4 – 3 sets
Standing OH DB Press

20# – 12r

Single Leg Rope Tricep Ext

50# – 12r

30 mins of Cardio to finish off. In total I burned 455 Cals from cardio, yeeea! lol
__________________________________________________ _

I’m not exceedingly sore today, in fact I normally get hit with the DOMS 2 days later, so we’ll see. I did this same program on 8/3/10 and sure enough I was sore 2 days later. Yesterday I was fine to hit it again. My body adapts fairly quickly with consistent work, so we’ll see how it responds this time around.

It’s Sunday. I’m feeling lazy. Woke up with a bit of a sore throat. I had strep about 3 weeks ago and it was the WORST. I don’t want to go through that again. Although I don’t think it’s that at all. I’m NEVER sick. But with the intense workouts, I’m sure my body and immune system is taking a beating. Time to get up with the supps to strengthen my germ defense army. I’m just not very good at being a pill popper.

My body is telling me to rest today. I might listen. I wanted to get in some posing practice, but alas, I’m free tomorrow so I can do it then. The only responsibility I have is getting off book with this scene from a script. Other than that, I have my ladies kick butt bootcamp group. So there’s no excuse for me not to be posing and at hitting up a cardio day. Gonna get up early to seize the day.

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