The Competitive Edge: One Woman’s Journey to the IFBB Pro Stage – Day One On My Road To The Stage

 The Competitive Edge: One Woman’s Journey to the IFBB Pro Stage

So I love to blog, I love to share my experiences with others. I love to inspire others with my own crazy view of the world. My company is one that caters to media consulting in the area of health and fitness. So I’ve decided to do a documentary video blog of my first competition and the preparation leading up to the show for the next 35 days (D-Day is what I call it, lol). Mainly for my own sheer entertainment, however I figure maybe others may like it as well. If it inspires ONE woman to get off her butt and just at least hit the gym, mission accomplished…

It’s unreal that Sept 11th is fast approaching. Winning isn’t on my mind for this show, but presenting my best is, and really living moment to moment with this experience is. I’ve been wanting to do this for TEN FREAKIN’ YEARS… Ten years. And I’m now finally embarking on a goal that I’ve put off until now.

Every 3-4 days, a new video blog will be put up, however I will chronicle daily progress, workouts, eating, and random thoughts here to share with my favorite board. So if you’re ready to find a way to kill some boredom, here we go!

My goals in this journey… To compete in my first figure show and to eventually find myself in the ranks of the IFBB Pro Levels of the sport. Eventually.

That being said… Today’s eating has been atrocious. I’ve been up early, had a cup of coffee, downed a protein shake, went back to sleep for a few hours, woke up about an hour ago, drank water and ate 4 oz of chicken breast and a small green salad. So let’s start afresh with the next meal, shall we?  I’m not going to sugar coat this ‘ish and pretend I’m doing everything right when I don’t. It’s been about 30 mins since I downed the chicken and salad so in about another 20 mins, I’m hitting the gym.

On today’s workout agenda:
Chest, Abs, Shoulders, Tri’s

The plan for me are always multi jointed exercises based more on power/strength/stability. I do circuits mostly every workout, the least I do are supersets at this stage of the game. I combine plyos, bodyweight, dumbbells, cables (mostly all standing multi-j/multi planar movements), and kettlebells to kick my body into shape. I’ve been working out for about 12 years at this point (and also spent that time as a professional dancer), so my muscle are pretty developed and mature. I didn’t have to focus on hypertrophy when I decided to do this for real. Depending on how I do with this show and the feedback I get from the judges, that may/may not change.

I’m pretty developed in the lower body, so it’s a constant focus to keep the upper body developed and balanced as well. I’m looking forward to my time in the gym today. I’ve become more and more obsessed with my workouts than ever before… No not obsessed… Driven.

So there you have it. I don’t want to make this first post a long-winded experience. However I will follow up later with what I did exercise wise and my random thought of the day.

Thanks so much for embarking on this journey with me (hence keeping my behind in check).

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