Ok I’m hungry!! I can eat a cow right now! Just thought I should share that, because damn it sucks, lol. I’ve eaten a bazillion times today, damn it week, can’t you go by any quicker!

Tanning process starts tomorrow. Tonight is exfoliation (I exfoliate daily anyways) and shaving, tomorrow exfoliation day 2, Thursday is tanning coat 1, then Friday shower in the AM, then Friday evening tanning coat 2. Before that though, athlete’s check in at 6:30pm @ the event hotel. Then Sat, touch up as needed, and then glaze after pump!

Suit is ready to go. And my list of 25 things that need to come with me in my bag is ready, items soon to be gathered and packed. 

EXCITED. (And hungry… lol ) You know what, I didn’t get all of my water in today, I bet it’s dehydration. Let me finish off the rest of this ish.

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