Today I made the decision to get out of my own head. No looking back only forward and onto the things I may want to improve upon from show to show (if needed). I just got some good news that folks in NYC have already purchased their tickets to come show support for me in the audience! So no turning back :-).

Today’s workout is going back down to legs and cardio intervals for 30 mins. Yesterday I jammed out with chest and back. 

Due to the high intensity of both my weight training and my cardio, I’ve upped my carbohydrate intake a bit more than I orginally anticpated I would for this prep. It’s back up to where it was during my prep for TOC. I feel energized, not hungry, and ready to face each bout in the gym.

3.5 weeks is enough time to step up my game. So here we go…

Carpe Diem All.

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