Ok mind me not… Today I had a treat/cheat. I was a bad bad bad figure girl. I had a glass of wine. And it was the first in 12 weeks. No correction, 15 weeks. But it was only one glass, and I stuck to my diet thus far, and had a CRAZY amazing workout today so…. I’m making excuses for it, feeling a little guilty, but I’m way on track for my next show by three whole weeks. I’ll get my shit together tomorrow… lol

Anyways, enough of the guilt trip. So today’s workout was total body with an emphasis on back and quads. The two areas I’m really focusing on a.) maintaining (back) and b.) building (quads). I have one of those bodies that responds VERY quickly to stimuli. As I mentioned earlier, I’ve REALLY been studying my pics from the last show. Overall, I love my upper body. I don’t care what anyone else says, lol, I say it’s quite fabulous for “me.” My lower body is good, but I want to make it great. I didn’t do too much focusing on legs in my prep for the last show because by nature, I’m very lower body dominant. However, what I would like for myself is to better define and cut up my legs. So I train my lower body with a different approach than my upper body. The response so far has led to increased definition below and the maintenance of the muscle I’ve gained up top.

I’m also back to adjusting my posing and walking. It’s funny because now that I got that first show out of the way, I have a more laser focused mindset. I KNOW now what to expect at a show, I know now what it is like to be on stage and to present my body, my work. So I’ve been making little adjustments that I hope will find me at higher placings in shows to come. All I can say is that I plan, and will, bring a tighter package to NY. I’m already planning my schedule/workout/eating for Dec’s Excalibur in Los Angeles… My final show of 2010. I’m doing 3 shows, in 4 months, girl is NOT playing. I want to get as much time on stage as I can now, because 2011 I hope to be doing the following shows:

USA Bodybuilding, Figure, and Bikini Championships in Vegas
Team Universe
and possibly Jr Nationals

It will be a big year, and I’m looking forward to it. I want to be a polished as possible, and bring the best I can. This girl is on a mission. Watch out world.


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