I’ve gotta say, the worst part of surgery is having to constantly remind myself that my body needs time to heal. As much as i want to start back, I get small reminders that it’s not time yet. I’m so impatient. But I have been able to do lower body. So Saturday, I hit squats, lunges (single leg w db), side lunges, deadlifts (a paltry 95 lbs), and high rep seated leg extensions. I can only hold so much weight in my hands as everything effects the chest it seems. Funny how connected the body is. But nonetheless, I still got a great workout. I’m surely feeling it today.

My chest muscles are still sore, as is my incision area. So no upper body as yet. I have done light shoulder presses and bicep curls to at least keep the endurance of my muscles up. I would hate for those muscles to atrophy from non use.

I’m keeping it going though and I’m really looking forward to fully getting back. I’m also looking forward to Turkey Day. I’m celebrating with friends this year as I’m not going back East. So I can eat and enjoy and not worry about leftovers. I love holidays, so much fun.

My workout plan this week will be back to legs 2x this week, shoulders/bi’s/tri’s 2x this week. Again, focusing more on muscular endurance and stabilization. I’ll stick to that adaption for the next few weeks and hopefully by the end of December I am ok’d to be able to cycle through hypertophy and some power. Another addition to my program which is totally new will be the replacement of 3 days of cardio with 3 ballet classes a week. It’s an excellent combination of endurance, stability, strength, and power. It develops poise and presence which is needed for the stage. As a dancer, I know how dance sculpts the Hell out of my body and I think it will go very well with developing the flow of my muscles as I train. And it sure beats sitting on a machine for an hour ready to blow my brains out from boredom. Well I never did that anyways. Intervals only for me please. I plan on saving intervals to when I’m dieting. So dance for now is all there is.


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