Woke up this morning with that amazing feeling in my back. Soreness… Now now, I know that that’s no indication of how hard one is working, it is however a very welcomed feeling when you change up the program a bit, ramp up the intensity and hitting those muscles with a nice surprise. 

I love it. 

Yesterday was my back workout. My goal is to bring up my V taper even more so that once I diet down, my waist will be really tiny. I also want to build up my shoulders **a tiny bit, more fullness particularly on the right**. I want that tight upper body triangle damn it! 

My program since I started my off-season has been very intensive work for my back, shoulders, hamstrings, and glutes. I haven’t been able to lift for chest yet since my augmentation, and that’s fine, I’m still able to hit my front delts so that’s all I have to worry about. I’m hitting back 2-3x/week mixing in strength work with power. Shoulders are getting about 2, hams/glutes 2. Starting next month, I’m back in ballet classes for my long duration cardio type of work. Although at this stage of the game, cardio has been absolutely nil, I’m not going to lie.

Here’s what I’m working with now:

(pay no attention to the fact that my posing suit is completely lopsided, I’m POSING like I have no idea what I’m doing, and I look crazy as I took these pics at 8am… AFTER BREAKFAST, lol )

Not too bad. I stepped on the scale today, 141 (I’m just under 5’7). Not worried at all as my hips are measuring 36 inches, and last year this time when I was not focusing on competing, I was at 37 inches near this weight. My waist is 26.5, last year it was 27. So I know that the extra is the gain in muscle I’ve steadily been putting on over the course of a year. And my clothes are still fitting well, a little loose I can say with certain items. I’m definitely up from my contest weight, which is a given, but I feel like I’m in control of it. But it’s funny, some days I feel ok, some days I feel like a stuffed tomato. But that’s all women I guess.

My boobs on the other hand, oh my gosh I love them! I can’t properly fit them into my current posing suit, lol, but when I get my new one made they’ll look normal. They look crazy above. But here is a pic I took recently. I’m so excited to actually have cleavage and NOT look like a straight up dude from the neck to torso.

These things are going to get me into a LOT of trouble come summer. You think I’m not parading around the city with them hanging out… lol Heck yeah I am! 

Today’s agenda is going to be legs, I’m so excited to hit it hard. Girl’s on a mission.

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