Rocked out with a little back and mucho shoulders yesterday! 

Back was just really simple:
Lat Pull Down (Cable)
45 lbs 20rx1s – Warm Up Set
90 lbs 10rx2s
100 lbs 8rx1s
I have to be VERY careful with lat pull downs because believe it or not, those pecs are working hard to stabilize the shoulder in this one, and when I pull down I can feel my incisions tell me to back it off a bit. All a part of the healing process. I can do a bit heavier, but in due time, I will.

BO DB Single Arm Row
45lbs 10rx2s
50lbs 10rx2s


DB Power Snatch
27.5lbs 8rx3s

BB Split Jerk
55 lbs 8rx2s then 6rx2s

DB OH Shoulder Press
25lbs 10rx3s
Upright Siingle Arm Row
20lbs 10rx3s

Today is back down to the lower body!  This workout is going to focus more on Power. My butt is thanking the hell out of me, it looks so nice and Kim Kardasian/Serena Willliams plump. LOL, well I’m mot on Serena’s level just yet! That right there is a BOOTAY if I ever did see one.

In other news, there is this oh so handsome guy at the gym that I have the biggest girl crush on. And I noticed him, noticing me, and by god, I cannot bring myself to even make eye contact. And this is why I’m a work obsessed cat lady, and will be for the rest of my life. 


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