This is the weirdest freakin holiday season for me to date.


I can’t unwind. I woke up at 5am and wrote out this proposal that I have to present to the owner of one of the independent training facilities I conduct business at. I’m heading up a 1 day workshop for women looking to kick start the year in high gear. It’s going to be a bootcamp style workout, in the gym with free-weights, cables, KB’s, dumbbells, ropes, the WHOOOOOLE enchalada. That will be followed by a nutrition healthy eating workshop and a fitness q&a on how to set workout programs on their own and learn the most effective exercises to do to get the best burn for their buck. We’ll discuss proper form for basic moves, how to do cardio effectively, and how to program their workouts so they can get in and out of the gym in 1hr tops. Of course this is a business venture, so upselling personal training and my boot camp group is also a pointer so offering a complimentary session post seminar is included. Feel free to jack my ideas if you’re trainer to boost your business, sharing is caring.

I actually sit and dream and think of these things, lol. I’m already on my next promotion for spring, just waiting for March to roll around to promote it. Oh and did I say brides… lol  That’s a whooole different thing.

That’s what I’m talking about!!!! I cannot unwind! It’s all work work work.

Sometimes I feel like I’m too focused for my own good. Like everything I do has to do with my brand, my passion for fitness, my want to be a success. I can see what I want for my career, and it’s something that is bigger than I can even describe with words. Ever since I broke free from the gym as my work environment of choice, I can clearly see the sky is the limit. There is more to it for me than just training one-on-one, I have an urge to take fitness on a more global scale and effect as many lives as possible. What seemed like a pipe dream years ago, I’m now working to bring it to fruition; and behind me is this crazy unseen force that I can’t even fully understand myself. It’s like a hunger for dreaming big, reaching big, and executing. The only reason I don’t mind working day and night and staying focused is because I truly love what I’m doing. They say behind every genius or brilliance there is insanity. I’m not saying I’m a genius, but I am a very innovative and creative person. Always have been, always will be. And behind that creativity lives a sort of madness. But I think it’s where the birth of things that can move a nation lives.


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