Holidays almost done. I felt like I was going to go crazy yesterday because of all the gyms in LA being closed! So instead I relaxed, watched Black Swan (got the dvd – have the Hollywood hook-up), ate something really fattening lol, and had a glass of wine. I didn’t go back home this year… Last year I do that, that’s for sure. I’m a family girl, and not being with my family this year was really hard. So needless to say, it was kinda a lonely day. Well I do have my kitty Misfit. So it wasn’t too bad.

I really had a chance to sit and review my plans for next year which was a great thing. I sat and figured out what my macrocycle and mesocycle needs to be to illicit the kind of change that’s in my brain for my physique. It looks like this:

So far for the mesocycle I’ve only got the next 5 weeks set in stone. The others will come a long the closer I come to conclusion with the current cycle I’m in. I like to go cycle by cycle, feeding off of my biological feedback and adaption/changes made.

My eating needs to get cleaned up too. It’s not that I eat badly, I totally don’t. I just eat whatever I want. I pretty much cook at home and don’t eat out, but when I get lazy, I skip meals, drink wine with dinner, and after dinner, and sometimes with lunch. I love red wine. I don’t get drunk, I’m not a lush, just a glass or two with a meal if I so feel. I also have been slacking on my water. Again nothing major, but I realize that if I want to reach the levels I do, then I need to reel it in. So starting today pretty much, I’m going to kick the wine, stock up the closet with my gallons of water, and start measuring my food again to be sure that I’m fully reaching the macros that I will need to continue to mold my physique.

I’m hitting the gym in a few hours. Cardio is also a part of my equation again. 3-4x/week. 1 dance class, 1 long duration, 2 HIIT of 20-30 mins). 

I’ve got to order my suit and the stones so I can begin working on that. My whole mentality this season is go big or go home. I’ve learned SO MUCH in the last few months. I mentioned in an earlier post that I was disappointed in myself at the Eastern USAs. In retrospect, I think I’m being too hard on myself and very unfair. I went into my second show, green still, and still did a good job. I have to acknowledge that. Now is the time to positively and objectively look at the full picture, learn from what I did and allow myself to grow. I know for sure I need to come in tighter this season. Cardio wasn’t really a huge part of my program last year, not until after my first show. So this time around I’m going to increase it just a bit. My training and diet will take care of the rest. 

I’m better armed with the info and knowledge of the sport and what is expected, so making the necessary changes for growth will be a lot better and easier in some respects. Still working without a coach, I feel I can do this on my own for right now because I know my body best. And I know what I’m doing. So I have to just trust that. I’ve been reading up a lot on Erin Stern lately, and she’s such an inspiratioin to me because she took the same kind of guerilla approach to her training as I am. It’s so easy to doubt oneself, but when I see that with the LITTLE knowledge I had of competing when I did this past season, and being able to finish top 3 against some women who have worked hard with coaches, top coaches at that, then I have to trust myself that I’m ok going against the grain. I also feel the more I delve further into this, the more I have actually been able to grow as a fitness professional, moreso than I would have leaving the responsibility to change ME AND MY BODY to someone else.

For now, I have only one goal in mind. And nothing can stop me.

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