So the last few days of 2010 are here. It’s been productive in some senses of the word. Picked some new clients, and keeping the work outs coming. I got some good compliments from some of the regulars at the gym. I wasn’t wearing my lifeline (ie, my Evo 4G – which is my mp3 player/road map/mini computer/video game player/organizer/phone/internet browser lol – and always attached to my hand and hip). So one of the guys (older guy, nice guy not a schmuck) saw me working on some posing between my sets. He attends a lot of shows and told me that I look great, and that my body was very proportionate. Then some of the other members that were around, and curious about me since I talk to no one and make NO eye contact, started to chime in. What do you know, I have fans. They were mentioning how much they have noticed the changes in my body, and that I inspire them because I work so hard. They’re all rooting for me, and want to see me on stage at my next show. LOL, welllllll that would be Vegas and New York… Sooooo, I guess they’ll miss those, but it has taught me a valuable lesson. I need to be a little more open and friendlier to folks. Cracking a smile even when I’m in super serious mode never hurts because you never know who’s watching. I get so consumed in what I’m doing that I forget this. And if life starts to unfold in the way I’m putting out into the universe, this is going to be a VERY important thing to always remember.

Anyways…. Enough of my boring drivel. I’m sure you’re asleep. Let me wake you up.

So my YouTube channel is a new passion/hobby/baby of mine. It’s my portal to ME and a way to connect to people, tell my story, and share my knowledge. I started my documentary series The Competitive Edge there, and it’s sorta the fly on the wall view of my journey on this road. I wanted to put a voice behind what so many of us love, and for something that others are curious about, wanting to do, but may be scared. That was me for so long. But I decided to just do it, and document it, and put it out there. Another thing that has arisen out of it was my exercise program geared toward women called Muscle Is The NEW Sexy. And that series is my long time dream of having an exercise show, but on the web and totally produced by ME. I love it too. The goal is to dispell the myths that are out there about exercise and fitness, all that crazy junk info that the industry feeds the public to basically rip them off and keep them inept. I want to inspire women to LIFT and LIFT HEAVY at times to see results.

We are at SUCH a crucial point in human evolution. Where we’re approaching a statistic where nearly 50% of Americans are overweight, and the world population is quickly following behind that. When do we say enough is enough. When do those like myself who have extensive knowledge about health and fitness stand up and try to influence a nation, and our fellow species to take control and change. The thing is, it has to be done soooo strategically because people have the attention spans of small children and motivation that is next to nil. But if you mobilize those who become curious, those who want to change, THEY can then effect change in the lives of the people around them, and the chain can continue. Now is the time that leaders in our field should come to the forefront and be the example of what changing one’s lifestyle can do. So since it’s my love and career to do that, I’m doing it via my YouTube Channel.

I had been concentrating on getting the exercise program up, and put the web docu series on hold for a sec. But we were finally able to complete it, and now the next installment is live. So check it out below. Grab some popcorn, hold the butter… 

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