My gosh this week has been a week of excess for me. Not in the sense that others go overboard during this time of year, but I’ve been ordering out more, cooking not as much, skipping breakfast, enjoying a glass of wine, not drinking enough water, and not really doing what I “should” be doing.

I’ve had Thai food 2 days in a row. Oh my gosh it was soooo yummy too. Now don’t get me wrong, guilty I do not feel. But back on track I need/want to be.

So starting tomorrow, I’m going to clean it up. Back to my gallon of water I go, I’m going to buy a gang of bagged salad from Trader Joe’s, some tomatoes and stuff as well and do salads over the weekend. Stock up on some fruits. Keep my protein to fish/chicken for this weekend. I just kind of want to detox over the weekend and start fresh on Monday with my eating plan. 

I took the day off from working out today. I needed the rest and reset physically and mentally. Tomorrow, and every Friday for a little while, I’ll be working out with a friend of mine who is an amazing trainer and coach. He is a titled LW bodybuilder from back in the day, was a professional cyclist, and he’s even done the Hollywood thing and trained a number of A-list celebrities for a while. We’re going to be incorperating some power plate work into my program as well as some more advanced exercise techniques and such to challenge me a little deeper. I’m looking forward to working out with him. I respect working with those whom I know I can learn so much from. He’s one of those people indeed.

One of my clients today had given me a belated Christmas gift. In the bag was a huge block of Rocky Road candy. I never even knew rocky road was anything other than ice cream lol. It’s this block of chocolate with these giant marshmellows and nuts. I guess I should eat it before tomorrow lol. I’m not sure if I even want to eat it. 

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