Today I powered through back and shoulders. I felt SO good when I was pounding out a few sets on the Hammer Strength Iso Seated Row. I love that machine because I can really feel my back and post. delts working like maaaad. I did both wide and narrow grips. I had an extensive talk with my mailman about trainers, training, gyms, and competitions. Extremely random. The older guy at the gym that I mentioned in an earlier post who complimented me last week came up to me in the middle of my workout and says:

“Mark my words, you’re going to be the next Ms. America” 

I’m pretty sure he meant Ms. Olympia since he’s into the whole competition world as a spectator, and seems to know quite a bit about past winners and such. Of course that would mean that I’d be a bodybuilder and there’s no way that I’d ever be able to claim that. But I didn’t bother to correct him, I could only smile and then try not to laugh. He then told me about this great spot to get some rockin steamed salmon, veggies and rice over in West Hollywood. Then he invited to treat me to a meal there. **enter side eye** Yeeeaaaah, but no. 

That wasn’t the only interesting twist to my day. You know I think the Universe, or God (whatever title for the higher power that you like to use), puts things within your grasp when you are truly ready for them. When you focus your energy on something (or pray/meditate upon a desire, etc), and you truly believe that what you think is yours already, the universe aligns your experience to allow things to unfold. Here for the last year, I have had a very clear idea of where I want to take my career and the heights I’d like to reach and beyond. So today I’m reading an article online, and on that page is a link to another article outlining Hollywood’s celebrity body secrets (not the title just generalizing). So I’m bored, click on it because most of that stuff is a joke and it makes me crack up with the advice they give. But as I’m reading this particular article, it all made sense, and was actually some good advice. So I clicked on this “Hollywood’s hottest trainer” well documented fitness consultant’s website, and low and behold… The face staring back at me is a trainer at the private facility where I train. In fact, I was having a conversation with him today. He’s a really cool guy, actually he was one of those trainers who caught my eye and my respect right away when I met him last year. That’s rare for me, only because there is so much fluff out there, especially in the super saturated LA market. But this guy knew exactly what he was talking about, trains his clients in a clear methodical manner, he’s confident, and just worth every penny one would spend on him and more. It’s no wonder his client list reads like a who’s who of the LA elite. He’s been covered in all of the major publications and has personal testimonials on his site from editors of not only fitness magazines but media like the New York Times, the LA Times and more. 

Funny because it was a head trippy thing reading this guy’s bio at first and seeing his pics. I was like, no way, that’s not HIM. Well that was until one of the pics of him training one of his clients was at the gym where we both conduct business. I’m telling you, this location that I’m at is seriously the who’s who in the industry. I stay vague about names and such to protect the privacy of others, but what I can say is this. For me, in life, being surrounded by those who are doing EXACTLY what you want in life and more is what gets you to the next level. Because if you are around those who do not inspire you to grow, then you won’t. You’ll be stagnant and always on the outside looking in. Everyday I get small revelations that I’m on the right path, and work and patience will be my best friends.

Next time I see him, I’m going to converse with him on a deeper level. He’s earned my respect even more so, and I feel like there is so much I can learn from someone like him.

I am truly grateful for my life.

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