My gosh it has been SO busy lately for me. I have a huge influx of new clientele and I haven’t even really been doing ANY advertising. It’s wild. I’m very thankful but at the same time I may now have to give up two of my evenings to accommodate a potential client who wants to train but my early morning slots are full. The real issue is that she may want someone to travel to her, but my clientele comes to me in West LA. I can’t be in 2 places at once. Besides I’ve learned over the years that travelling to peoples home to train is a huge drain on my time, gas, and availability for other clientele. So I only do it for special situations and its a 3 figure ($$$) per hour fee.

I had spoken to one of the women that took my seminar the other day. She felt amazing afterwards, sore but good. She told me how shocked she was that she was so out of shape. She had been working with a trainer for THREE YEARS and didn’t expect for the workout to be as challenging as it was for her. The trainer spent a majority of the time trainer her on a freakin bosu. It’s that kind of ineptitude that makes me SMH because some people get away with murder in this industry because a lot of times THEY know not what they do. The fact that someone solely uses a bosu as a training tool brings huge questions of credibility to me, but with so much misinformation out there the general public just doesn’t know. Anyways, that factors irritated the hell out of me. And to be really honest, the workout we did simply included 7 of the basic human motion patterns coupled with external forces, and others just bodyweight.

Anyways I’ve gotta stop letting this stuff bother me. I just hate when people tell me how they’ve been misled by underqualified trainers.

So it’s 6am. Heading out to my first client of the day. I finally found these really awesome raw food bars I’ve been craving at the grocery store.

Yummy doesn’t even begin to describe it. Packed with omega 3&6s, miniunsaturated fats, jammed with organic cocoa, coconut, dates, almonds, and flax seeds. Small but filling. They sell them at the gym I conduct business at. But I had to get my own box!

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