I decided to add pics to my journal because I like to read books with pictures. Lol. No really, I love reading blogs where the writer puts pics from their day or surroundings, or where they illustrate the very things they may be writing about. Expression through pics say so much more than words, and for me it makes it so much more exciting. Really its to entertain myself lol. So if my freak show of a journal offends you, apologies ahead of time. I’ll try to keep the pics at a less obnoxious size. And I promise to proofread what I type since I’m too lazy to do this from my computer and much rather update from my phone.

On that note, I have a break before my last appointment of the day which is at 1pm. I had some uneventful things to do this morning after my first 2 clients this AM, none of which I started, so I’ll do it later. Gosh you know, since I started eating more, I’m always hungry. It’s the wildest thing. Almost like clockwork my stomach starts grumbling begging for some food. Sometimes it’s also a matter of hydration so I throw back some water and I’m ok.

Yesterday I made a turkey breast in the crock pot and it’s soooooo yummy. It even has a nice brown crisp top; I absolutely LOVE my crock pot. So I had turkey for breakfast (4.3oz), 1 whole egg cooked w/ 1 teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil, 1 corn tortilla, and 2 tablespoons of guacamole.

I’m lying, that was meal 2. Meal 1 was that good ass organic raw food chocolate coconut bar. It costs $21 for a box of 12 at Whole Foods. But SO worth it. Hell I think I’m going to inquire about sponsorship down the line as they do sponsor athletes. I’d totally be happy with just free bars for life lol. I eat one in the morning since I wake up before the sun and have to be out the door and in the gym by 6 or 7am.

Hunger is gone, been sipping water while writing this. Dehydration is a bitch, must keep that water up Rox.


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