Ok I think I’m officially coming down with a little bug. My throat is a little sore, I have a cold sore in my mouth near my lip on the bottom jaw and it hurts like a mofo. My workout today was a little tough to get through. But I still powered through back, shoulders and tri’s. I’m back up to 105# in my lay pull downs. This is a good thing as I couldn’t do this for a long while given the surgery. I already feel my back muscles, a little sore but very alive.

It was such a beautiful day today. And this weekend its supposed to be in the 70s or higher. When i walk out my house and look up, this is what I see:

I always knew I was a California girl at heart. I can’t imagine living through winter back east. Hell if it is warm this weekend a drive to Malibu may be in order just to get away for a day.

After my last client I decided to go for a little retail therapy. As I mentioned, it was time to hit up Victoria’s Secret jackpot sale items. But I didn’t find too many things I was totally crazy about at the location I went to. So I ended up scoring 3 push up bras. I Looooove their push ups. I may need to go pick up some body sprays. I pretty much wear their scents exclusively lately. I really like the one at The Grove so if I have a moment I’ll go this week. While at the mall I wandered into this store and bought the hottest dress.

I was so happy when I found this because I have others in the same material and tube type of cut, but just different colors, and different style tops. There was a boutique in Beverly Hills that sold them and I shopped there aaaall the time. But they closed and I have been looking for this style of dress ever since. I now found TWO spots in West LA that has them at the Westside Pavilion. Now I need some amazing shoes, jewelry, and clutch to go with it. Oh and I found the most amazing military bolero kind of jacket at H&M. It was originally $50 but I got the last one for $10!

Anyway back to workout/training stuff. I’m finding it much easier getting my cals and macros in now. I have to check my weight tomorrow to see that I’m maintaining. If I don’t get it right, I’ll start getting skinny. I’m one of those bizarro people who gets skinny if their eating and exercise is off. Tonight’s dinner topped off at 329 cals. I had a hamburger (no bun; 96% lean 4.3oz), pan seared mushrooms and shallots, spinach with 1tbsp of Trader Joe’s poppy seed dressing, and 1/4 cup mashed potatoes. Trader Joe’s has these frozen mashed potatoes that are in the shape of these little medallions. You just heat them up on the stove or in the microwave and voila, done! They are real potatoes, no additives. Love it.

I think I’m going to head to sleep. I woke up super early today so that may be why I’m so tired. I hope I’m not getting too sick, and that this will pass.


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