So the last couple of days has been pretty much the same. Although I admit that I slacked a little on my eating and hadn’t gotten in the calories I need and lost about 2 lbs. Some could very well be water, but that’s my body for ya. I LOSE weight when I don’t eat and exercise properly lol. But I can put on muscle just as quickly so it’s not a bad trade off.

I took yesterday and today off. Yesterday was my rest day, and today I’m just exhausted because I’ve been busy working on a project. MY NEW WEBSITE!!

It was high time to update and revamp the layout. I had been wanting to use WordPress as my layout format for a while due to the ease of updating, and the blog feature. I just didn’t know how to get it started. So after a little research, I figured it out and built my site from scratch. Yep, made everything you see from the graphics, to the layout, and all the pages myself. Woohoo! I’ve been doing graphic design, photo editing, and web design since college in 1998… 

I’ve been doing SO much leg work on the media end of my company. I’m still establishing myself as a consultant outside of just training, still working on my social and media credibility, writing articles, being an active participant as a fitness consultant for a Q&A thread on a woman’s health and beauty message board, my youtube channel, etc. I needed to get my website up and running so it can be the hub of all of my work and networks. Kind of centralizing everything, cleaning it up to focus more on my fitness work and less on my former performing arts career. So I pulled an all nighter to get it up and going. And of course I have some other sections that need to be added such as my Q&A section where I’ll pick a question asked by one of my followers/readers and post it on the site, and articles/blog posts etc as well.

My goal at the end of the day is to continue to build the site so that when I approach various magazines etc for print work, I may also ask to be looked at for writing as well. I also will over the next year be approaching various news organizations and shows about expert consulting on the topic of health/exercise/fitness. Exciting stuff, but SO MUCH WORK!! In fact right now I’ve got to update the next video for my web workout series, and then hit up my boards to answer the questions waiting for me since yesterday. My inbox is full too on one of the sites (11 messages!!) so I’ve got get to answering that too. And I almost forgot the YouTube comments that need to be followed up!  Honestly as much as it drives me batty, I absolutely MUST remain busy or I go insane. Plus I actually really love doing this stuff so I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Speaking of YouTube, I’m now up to 329 subscribers!! I gained about 200 in the last month! I’m just in complete awe.

Tomorrow though for me, back to the grind. Hitting up the workout, eating, and water consumption as I need to once again. Must stay on track, must stay ON TRACK. July will be here sooner than I know.


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