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Duuunn, duuuun, duuuuuuuuun!

Progress photo time!

So let me start off by saying that I have been training my butt off. LOL. And it’s funny that you don’t really notice the changes your body makes until you see it in photos. My goal in this off season is to further define the width of my back, cap the shoulders (particularly the right side), increase the size of my lateral tricep head on the right, and to define my legs without getting them to bulk up and overpower my upper body. 

The work I’ve been putting into the gym has been brutal. Going between hypertrophy and power paradigms has been tough, but I love a hard, challenging and super athletic workout. I haven’t been doing any cardio, just focusing on keeping my body as much as possible in an anabolic state through training and diet. That being said, I have seen some really great gains over the last few weeks since I started documenting my workouts post surgery. So here are the comparisons:

Even without cardio I’ve managed to slim down some, but the overall shape of my physique has greatly improved. I’m also now becoming more aware with my posing too, so that’s a change. I’m making myself “feel” my poses instead of being in front of the mirror. One arm likes to straighten more, so I’m working on fixing that.

It’s wild to me how much my body has changed since my first photo in Dec. At that point I had been laid up in the bed trying to recover so no working out much at all. But my body responds very quickly to the right kind of workout, and I’m lucky in that. So the deal now is to keep going, keep fine tuning, and mostly just maintaining where I’m at.

I just paid for my order for my new posing suit. Amy from Suits By Amy is making it for me. I’m going to be stoning it myself and I’m super excited about it. I want to do something that has a summer/beach feel to it. Being that half my family is from Trinidad, and I’m living right on the Pacific Ocean, I wanted an ocean/sun kind of feel. So I sketched out this design as a possible way I may go in my stoning adventure:

The top will be a sun with hues of yellow ab/cintrine/reddish orange, the sides and bottom lined with clear ab stones and a gold ab that kind of signifies the color of sand, and the waves in the middle will be a gradient of blue stones. I may do mini suns here are and there around the waves. I’m ordering the stones from Dreamtime Creations, it’s going to cost about $130, and I’ll be getting around 1500 stones. I don’t care if I have extra, I’d rather have more than less. And $130 isn’t too much money so it’s cool.

So I’m excited to get started on that. My suit should be here in about a week or so. 

I came across this picture taken by Bill Scanlon (he’s a member here) from the Eastern USAs. He posted a bunch from all the girls at the show on his Facebook.

I look good, but this year I’m going to look even BETTER. 

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