I think I’m one of those rare people who loves Monday. Monday is a new day, a new week to get it right and seize the day. It’s 8am, I’ve already trained 2 clients, only got one more appointment to go. But she’s later in the afternoon. I’ve always vowed never to work more than 3-4 hours a day training. It keeps me able to do what I love – help others – and focus on my own fitness as well.

So now that I’m all charged up and ready to go, it’s time for my own workout. I joined Gold’s gym, THE GOLD’S in Venice, CA. I worked out there the other day and it was pretty cool. In the middle of my workout Charles Glass walks up to me and asked if I was an athlete. We talked training a little bit and he told me about a group of figure gals he works with in the morning and welcomed me to join them. I may check it out. But for right now I’m on a mission, and today’s mission is a total body workout, multijoint, more about power and neuromuscular emphasis. Wake up the system a bit. Then tonight I’ll head to my other gym for a leg hypertrophy program.

So off near the beach I go for my first workout today. Ready to rock the hell out of my week.


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