I have to say… I really like Gold’s!! That place has got some great energy. When you look up on the walls, lined are the pics of the history makers of the sport. From the first Mr. Olympia Larry Scott all the way to pics of Lenda Murray over on the Ms. Olympia wall. Also on the walls are jerseys from some of the top NBA and NFL stars, autographed and on display. You can’t help but to feel the history and the energy of the greats all around you as you work out.

This place of course is super hard core. People go there to work out, and work out hard. So I appreciate that because I also frequent another large gym and it’s pick up central. I mean people workout, but they don’t work out like they do at Gold’s. lol. So I rocked out with an amazing workout today. My gosh by 12pm I was D-O-N-E!

Last night my client and I went out for dinner in Beverly Hills. His dad recently died and he wanted to celebrate his life. This client is more of a former client, and he’s become a really good friend. So we went to one of our favorite Bev Hills spots, Lawry’s Prime Rib (yes as in Lawry’s seasoned salt lol. Might I add that I’m bloated like a MOFO today). Ok so I had a 12 oz steak, that I only ate half of, but in any case the rest of that baby was lunch today post workout, and my body SO welcomed it. I wasn’t sure if I’d make workout 2 this evening, but I now have an incredible burst of energy and I”m ready to hit my legs with a good ole’ hypertrophy workout as planned.

I ran into Charles Glass again today. He came over and shouted at me “Hey what’s that smiling over there, Making sure your’e getting to work!” LOL, I had just finished my workout and was buying my protein shake (I’m a BSN syntha-6 girl aaaaall the way – tastes like a milkshake). He’s good peeps, I will probably take him up on a session as I get closer to Team U. He’s got a few girls going to the Arnold, and a male BB as well in the pros. And I think he said one of his figure amateur girls is waiting to hear back if she’ll be going. Very awesome.

I’d always been kind of intimidated by this place. I mean, it’s huge, and everyone in there is in amazing shape. EVERYONE! You’ve got the mix of the bodybuilding world in there, the beach crew that lives in the area, the socialites, the Hollywood people (actors/actresses/models/producers), and the regular folks look just as good as everyone else, lol. I just appreciate the energy of the place and it inspires me to work even harder.

Wow ok, enough about that. I’m going to be hitting up the gym in another hour to rock out these legs and get this glute/ham tie in so tight it will make my mother cry lol. 


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