Wow plans THWARTED! Mother nature slapped me silly and gave me the gift of Aunt Flow today. I had bad cramps and felt like I was losing all of the blood in my body. Sorry to guys who are reading this, and ladies you understand. My energy was low when I got to the track only to find it was closed off! Thankfully I had my suspension trainer, so I tied it to a tree and did some work. However all that core work wasn’t such a good idea for today, so I said funk it, and went home. I had a good workout though for about a half hour. I’ll just be sure to eat the way I need for today to make up, rest as I’m still a little sore from the other day, and get ready for my workout tomorrow.

I have to shoot this video for a film I’m consulting as a fitness expert for. It’s a documentary film. I really feel like crappy crap and want to sleep. But alas, duty calls. I’ll tell you one thing, I’m going to bed early tonight.


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