Wow, oh wow, OOOH wow!

So I calculated wrong (because I can’t count properly), I now have 16 weeks til The California State.

Things are going well in my prep, I suppose, it’s only the first full week I’ve completed my diet. I did have a bit too much carbs this weekend (damn air popped popcorn is SO good ), but the crazy high intensity war game called my training program has definitely burned that off. I feel really strong in my workouts, although muscularly I’m still adjusting to the change. I can feel every single deep AND superficial muscle in my body, calling out for me to stop propelling my body with weights through space… But I ignore it.

Right now, I’m doing 5-6 days of mixed training. I take the rest days as needed during the week, and on Sunday it’s my official OFF day. My program is still in a sort of hybrid program as I had described in an earlier post. I’m in a hypertrophy/power type of protocol, however I’m performing my exercises as a circuit of 5-6 full body motions, no more than 8-12 reps of a moderate to moderate/heavy intensity. So everything is still in that sort of hypertrophy driven, but I’ve added some explosive motions like snatches, clean and presses, clean and jerks, jumps, and throws. Cardio is about 2 days/wk of 30 mins. And I have that day on the track which is a mix of sprints, full bodyweight moves, and suspension training. I’m using the power plate now for flexibility and stabilization if I’m at the gym that has it. In about another 6 weeks or so, I’ll slip into a more adaptive phase for a week or so and allow my body to flush out and recover before picking it up hard and heavy with hopefully more intensity than now. Nice periodized program.

LOL hope that all makes sense to everyone else’s brain besides mine. 

I’ve been mixing up between being at Gold’s, the track, a local soccer field, a 24 Hour Gym, and a private gym as my workout spots. I’m one of those people who gets SUPER bored, so I need to switch things up.

Eating wise, I switched things up a bit this week. I need to step on the scale to see what’s going on – D day is tomorrow. I want to drop about .8-1lb/wk. Nice, slow, and steady. Trying to preserve as much muscle as I can as I get closer to the show. Around the 15th or so, I’m going to get dunked so I can keep track of the BF%/LBM, because I’m a crazy numbers oriented OCD personality type lol.

Last week I was doing 1800 c/day – a 40/30/30 split of C/P/F. I’m definitely aready starting to see my six pack emerge, and that baby has been buried since about Nov, so this is good. This week I’m going to drop down a little more and stay at about 1700 c/day but this time do more of a 35/35/30 split and see how my body responds. I’ll stay here for a while, and when I get closer to the show, I like to flip the macros to a higher protein/lower carb type of program around 40p/30c/30f. But again, you know this game. Gotta see what’s going on with the body at the given moment.

Well, time to rest up, round 2 at the gym starts this evening (I do double workouts 2x/wk and focus on my weight training circuit and posing – no cardio, or if I do, just about 20 mins and that’s ALL).


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