Today was a really good day. But damn, I think that Endorush really revved me up today. I need to only take it on my hardest workout days (like today) and that’s all. That’s some strong stuff. It’s like 12 hours since I injested it and I STILL feel wired lol. So I will only have it if I need the energy, etc. Sparingly Rox, sparingly.

I read this yesterday on Erin Stern’s Facebook, and I can officially say she is the GOD of my Figure Universe for a reason:

I am SO happy to have read that because over the last few months, I’ve been shocked and amazed to find out about various “supplements” some competitors take to have an edge. And hey I’m not going to judge anyone, what you choose to do with YOUR body is YOUR business, but for me, that’s an absolute HELL NO. And it started to make me look at various competitors and think, we’ll I wonder if she’s using, etc etc. You hear about people talking about how women on the National level are using, and how the pro’s “DEFINITELY” use, and it really started pissing me off. I just love Erin, she inspires me so much. We have a very similar approach to training and our philosophy behind training/program design/diet etc are very much the same, so I can’t help but to gravitate toward her. So it made me happy to kind of hear and confirm girl is doing the DAMN THANG!! Working hard and putting in the time to get the results she’s getting, and THAT so inspires me. 

Anyways, done with that soap box.

The only new news that I have to share for today is that I had some Tilapia for the first time!! And I liked it. So below is a delicious lemon pepper herb pan cooked tilapia, with a side of black beans/salsa/corn mix, and steamed brocc. YUM.

I’ve been getting a ton of compliments at the gym (at GOLD’S of all places), so I think I’m on the right track. Today though I officially decided to just keep my scale in the car (I use it for clients etc) because I found myself constantly checking my weight which is something I never do. And really weight doesn’t matter as long as I’m SEEING the changes I need, so just as last year, my reflection and my progress photos will mean most, measurements next, body fat/LBM % and THEN weight. I can’t be driving myself crazy chasing a number that’s not telling me the whole picture. So out goes the scale. Buh bye bioootch!

But hey, my reflection is leaner so that’s a good thing. 

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