Phase 2 of the Muscle Is The NEW Sexy Workout is HERE!!

So I guess you can tell that I’m extremely excited about this video. All the work you’ve been putting in up to this point has now enabled you to move to the next phase of our program.

This phase of our program is all about increasing strength in the major muscles that produce motion, while at the same time continuing to stabilize the smaller muscles that assist these “prime movers.” We will use supersets to accomplish this goal. The first exercise in the superset will focus on building strength in the muscle. The second exercise in the superset will illicit more of a stabilization response for the prime mover and the helper muscles that assist in the function of the prime mover. You will use a weight for the first exercise that will get you to do NO MORE than 8-10 reps to controlled failure. For the second exercise, use a weight that will get you to controlled failure by 12-15 reps. Take a 90 sec to 2 min break at the end of the superset, and then repeat again for 3-4 sets. Once done with the first superset, then move on to the next, etc.

You can follow this workout 3-4x during the next two weeks depending on how well your body recovers. If you want to mix in some of the previous workouts as well, feel free to.

In my next post, we’ll put together a workout schedule that you can follow using the videos, and incorperate cardio as well.

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