Wow, today I feel knee deep and IN IT with my prep. As I was walking into the gym, I felt a little tired, a little sore, a little apprehensive as to whether I’d have it in me to HIT IT today. I feel super focused and can clearly see the end result I want. I keep a close eye on every curve on my body, every bulge of muscle, every position as I practice in the mirror. It’s like I’m pleased with what I see, but I want and expect MORE from myself. And it’s that urge to never be complacent that keeps me motivated. 

So I put on my earphones, opened my notebook to today’s workout and jammed it out. And I had an amazing one today. I’m going to start wearing my hr monitor so I can keep track of my caloric burn and hr zone throughout my workout.

Today I decided to approach my workout differently. My focus was on workload and capacity of effort over time. So I had 3 rockin circuits, moving everything as one unit. I had my TRX and did some advanced work on that. I’ve been trying to perfect and master Clock Pulls. I did a series of Turkish Get Ups (but with a db as the kettlebells were locked up). And also new was a single arm DB OH squat in full range of motion. Arm staying up the whole time, slight delay at the bottom of the squat before powering up. I feel dead right now but good. Really good. 

I still can’t believe that I have 12 weeks. It will all be focused on fine tuning and posing. Over the next few weeks I will be booking my tanning appointment for Cali State and Team U. Get my entries and fees in. Look into who will be doing my hair. I’m getting extensions and that is to cost a GRIP. And setting the availability dates for the make up artists I want to use. I have 2 or 3 choices for NYC, and 2 here in LA. Yes I am the type who prepares everything ahead of time. I want my presentation to be FLAWLESS so I can’t leave any aspect of it out as I plan and prep for my fleeting moment on stage.

There is this amazing kiosk at the mall that has he most BEAUTIFUL jewelry, all rhinestones. I’ll be stopping by today to see if I can find something to match my suit.

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