So today I did not hit the track. I did go there to talk to my new coach though. He brought with him today his press package for me to look at for the work he has done. This man is a WALKING LEGEND. Well known in the sports world, well known among the great sports teams, players, and coaches. He has trained athletes like Marion Jones (before she got caught up with the steriods scandal), and worked closely with all of track and field’s top athletes and Olympians. Again like I said, he’s an Olympian himself. 

So the plan for me is to be on the track and hit some local hills a few times a week. Then I’m going to be introduced to some other top coaches in the sport for training for meets etc. One step at a time though. I’m kind of just hanging on for the ride because I love to run fast, and I’d MUCH rather be doing this stuff than shoot myself in the head boring ass cardio. But today, I had so much to do with my book keeping for this week, and I have some program updates, etc for my clients that I needed to buckle down at home this afternoon.

I’m right on the brink of getting my period right now, and I feel bloated like HELL. The scale is going all kinds of crazy. This morning I apparently was 142 lbs, lol. Yeah so hormones are pushing things every which way. So instead I decided to just do a clearer progress photo. And I finally found a camera position and angle where I have the most light to really see what’s going on. So this will be the marker from here out, because I can now better see my body with this lighting. What I will say is WOW, I was being SO hard on myself this week because I felt stalled, but my body has actually dramatically changed in the last 3 months…

Today is a definite rest day. Tommorrow, time to pick it up again though. I’m ready! Now back to finish some “work” work.

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