I’ve been MIA this week because this week has been HARD AS HELL. But I prevailed, and got a little leaner along the way.

11 Weeks Out from California State – 17 Weeks Out from Team Universe

(don’t mind the mess in the March 3 pic, I was cleaning, dusting, and doing laundry lol)

Each week I notice subtle changes. Abs popping out here, quad showing through a little more there… The pace is slowly but surely, my new motto for many things in my training these days. I feel on track, but as I mentioned earlier. This week was VERY trying.

I think the combination of the running and training, and not getting enough sleep really hit me. Couple that with the fact that I was on my period, ugh! I felt like this  many many times. Running has been going very well. The other day I ran a total of about 5 miles of nothing but hills! When I say my calves were BURNING (and still are) I mean those babies were ON F’ING FIRE. Now that I’m running PROPERLY my calves are getting loads of work, as are my glutes, hams, and hip flexors (as you may be able to see from the shape in my legs). The endurance isn’t so much an issue, it’s more of a muscular endurance and strength that needs to build. Cardiovascularly I can handle the work.

Apparently my coach was on ESPN yesterday talking about football stuff on one of the shows, and they asked him what current projects etc he’s working on, and he mentions TRAINING ME! I was like, my word! Don’t tell nobody yet, I have a lot of proving to do, everyone is watching. I hope I can live up to everyone’s expectations lol. Thankfully I love this stuff so I’m willing to do what I must to be my absolute best.

This week though, by Tues/Wed I was spent. Last night (Thursday) I got 8 hours of sleep, and I feel SO MUCH BETTER. I went to the gym and had an amazing workout. I trained back today and mixed in Shoulders/Bi’s/Tri’s. With the running, I’m not doing too much weight training with my legs, HOWEVER I am doing more power and stabilization based work when it comes to my lower body when I’m in the gym. I do a lot of multijointed exercises performed as circuits, so overall my legs are still getting work. But my training now has to center on not only the stage but the running as well.

Eating wise, it was up and down. Yesterday I ate 1/2 a pound of chocolate!  !@##$@ Trader Joe’s! They gave me this 1 lb box of chocolate for free the other day. And at first I ate 1 or 2 pieces, kept it in the car, and didn’t think about it. But yesterday, someone pissed me off and I was on the last day of my period, so I ate the rest of the chocolates lol. Wed, I had lunch at the Ivy in Beverly Hills and ate an entire large fresh whole wheat bun. It was good as hell, and I didn’t care! And during the day a little later, I had met up with a friend at the Montage Hotel restaurant in Beverly Hills and they have this amazing cheese topped bread. And I ate that TOO!  Well I burned it off I’m sure in the 2 mile run and full body workout I had on Thursday. So I won’t be doing that again. But hell, I’m just admitting my faux pas. What I am very cognizant of is the fact that the increased activity (with the running) is definitely having me stay on a higher carb ratio diet. I just adjusted today to 1700 cals, 40c/35p/25f. I felt amazing today on that ratio even after my workout. I still have another meal left for the day, salmon with some veggies. And I’ll finish off the night with a protein shake before bed (made with whey powder mixed with milk). 

I treated myself to 2 amazing things this week:

This shirt by Nike that just says it all…

And the newest 5 Finger Shoes by Vibram the Bikila. I LOVE these shoes. I just bought them yesterday and went on a little trail run. They are so awesome, and when I said I felt my legs work like never before, I meant it. I also worked out in them today at the gym. I’M IN LOVE. 

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