So it’s official, Erik Ledin is stepping in. I just sent him all of my stuff, so he’s going to put together my diet for me. I’m curious as to how much he’s going to adjust. I’m really excited to see the progress I’m going to make under his guidance. I realize I really need someone to answer/report to when it comes to my eating. This season I want to dig deep and take things a huge step above last season.

I’m still not sure if I will have him do both diet and exercise. I really enjoy doing my own workouts, and I have a strong handle on program design and what I need to do in that respect. But we’ll see.

I’m steadily making improvements. I feel SO-MUCH-BETTER today in comparison to the beginning of the week and last weekend. I went back to what I had been doing prior to the change in my training and diet and I feel like I can work at a high enough intensity to produce the changes I want to see. The other day I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and I really like what I’m seeing. I’m still 8 weeks out, so I have time to tweak and change and make it all better because I’m not there yet.

The other day, as I was working out at the gym, I was introduced to Dexter Jackson. And he told me that my body was beautiful! And he said it twice! And I almost diiiiiiieddddd!!! LOL.

We had a brief exchange about competing. He sounded kinda disappointed that he didn’t do so well at the Arnold, but he’s getting ready for his next show in Germany. I told him, he was fantastic and that it’s early in the season and he’s gonna knock that ish right out, lol. He was working hard too, gotta give it to him! When I said Team U was one of my upcoming shows, he said he’ll be there. So now… I really gotta step it up, lol. 

Anyways. I’m silly.

I had such a great workout today! Hit the hills. Get this… I climbed 400 vertical feet of STEEP stairs in a little over 4 mins! Kicked my butt, but dang it was such a great workout! In addition, I ran back downhill (downhill sprints) on a .5 mile road, and then about the same distance down the side of the hill via the trails.

I think at some point next weekend I may hit Runyon Canyon… Or run on the beach in the sand.

After that, it was gym time. Full body power circuit, and an hour of posing practice.

UUGFGUGUGGHGHGHGHGHGGh!!!!! I’m so excited again! I can’t wait to get on stage. CAN’T WAIT! 


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