Awwwww sookie sookie now! This shit’s about to get kicked to a whole nother level!

Act II Scene I
Enter ERIK LEDIN my nutritionist.

So I just set it up officially, I should be getting my new eating plan this week. I’m excited to have someone in my corner tying it all in for me. Particularly in these last few weeks. Now I give myself credit, I’ve done one hell of a good job on my own. But I want to go a step further. And just like my clients, I need accountability. I want to make this an amazing season. I have a goal to win my class on the local level, possibly take an Overall title. I’ve already placed top 2 and 3, so it’s definitely time to set the stakes higher. My goal for the national level is to hopefully place top 5. So that is what pushes me to go the extra mile because I know at that level, the competition will be fierce and I want to be able to hang with the best of them.

I’ve chosen to do my own training for several reasons. First, I know what I’m doing. Second, I have a speculation that his workouts would be similar to what I’m doing now after researching what he says about training approach and contest prep. I’m also an athlete now, a track athlete on a modified training program. I’m strong, fast, powerful, etc and that needs to be maintained for my sport, I train in the gym to ensure that I don’t lose that. And lastly, my concern with online training in general is not being in front of a coach for them to truly know your abilities and compensations physically to be able to really put together a true individualized program. But that’s just my general hang up, nothing to do with Erik, I know he’s spectacular and has gotten people some amazing results.

Sooooooo OH MY GOSH! How excited am I. Y’all have no idea how the game has now changed…. stay tuned.


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