Man I am PUMPED! P-U-M-P-E-D! Pumped! You hear me!

I just came from the track and the most amazing thing happened. This was my first real full out workout on the track since Feb. I did a little run a few weeks back, but not like today. All of this hill and terrain training has made me incredibly strong, powerful, and FAST. The improvement on my overall technique and form was truly felt. I started running so fast that it was hard for me to control my legs. All I can describe it as is if you imagine the Roadrunner (meep meep), and how fast his legs go when he runs that you can’t even see them… Yeah that. It was so invigorating. I’ve never really felt that before. Now I’m sure once I start hitting up the track for good with my coach, it’s going to be even better. It was hot as hell today so here’s what I did:

1x800m – warm up
1x400m – full speed
2-200m – full speed
6x100m – full speed

I didn’t go for time, I was just focusing on power and form. I was really REALLY pushing myself to hit and power through that anaerobic threshold. And boy did it HURT. But I kinda like the pain. Sadistic, I know, lol. I also am recovering so much better, faster. Although there was this one stint during my 100m that I ran so hard and fast that I felt like when I was done I was going to have an asthma attack… I don’t have asthma, . If I were to die, at least I’d die doing something that brings me joy.

Not to jump to conclusions, stepped on the scale and saw 136.8 staring back at me. Surely I must be dehydrated, buuuut there’s a new goal now set. I thought I’d be hitting the stage at 135… I’m still way more than 5 weeks out. So I guess I’ll be dropping lower than that lol. I ain’t stopping until my thighs are SHREDDED.

Oh amd yesterday I picked up some new shoes. Now normally I would go for these:

I really love shoes that have stoning on them. But I wanted something to match my posing suit that was still subtle. Sooooooo….

(Please excuse my severe tan line from my sneakers lol. And my need for a new pedi.)

I realize that not only do I enjoy the training/dieting aspect of getting my body right for stage, I love the process of refining my presentation. From posing, to stoning my suit, to finding the perfect jewelry, to the shoes, hair make-up etc. It makes me feel like Figure Barbie.


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