I’m finally really getting into the groove of my diet. I found short cuts to prepping by foods ahead of time like cutting up potatoes and keeping them in water in the fridge. Of course cooking my chicken and steak ahead of time and storing it. Same with rice. I also found a way to make frozen or fresh blueberries tolerable and delish. I put them in a container with some water, stevia, and sugar free vanilla syrup. Let them then sit overnight. Add to my oats in the morning. Ooi-oooi-oooooi! So yummy. I also have taken to stewing my sweet potatoes in water, cinnamon, stein, and pure vanilla extract. Let it simmer. It makes a sweet syrup in the pot as it cooks. It’s like heaven!

My meal timing is also allowing for more energy too. So I feel good. And I don’t realky have crazy cravings. It’s more the discipline to stay par for the course. I mean it’s when you know that you cant have something that you want it more. So for me, restraining from that which I can’t have is the biggest mind game. Like my glass of wine. I want it cause I can’t have it. Not because of a craving. Oh well, don’t none of that stuff taste as good as a first place win in my class.

I must also admit. I’m still not hitting cardio lol. I’m losing without it and want to keep ky muscle. I do guilt cardio. Lol. Cause everyone else does it, I make myself do it. I guess the running is cardio. But really it’s more intervals. And I only do it 2x/week.

I set a goal for myself. It the 136s for my biweekly weigh in next week.

Woohoo. Here we go.


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