It’s May 1st, Bin Laden is dead, YAY USA. Ok now back to me. So today I celebrated 27 DAYS OUT TO THE CALS!!!! It kinda freaked me out that today, May has FINALLY arrived, and at the end of the month, I get to have my moment on stage. All the hard work is paying off, and will pay off with me being able to say, hey I did my best.

I went down to Gold’s in Venice. And you know what, love that place! You know who I talk to everyday, Hidetada Yamagishi and his trainer Eric Di Lauro who is Jay Cutler’s trainer. They’re really nice guys.


Those guys are pretty big! They’ve got huge arms and shoulders. Inspiring.

Anyways, so here is a video I did, you’ll see some of my total body power workout, see me talking about my prep thus far, and some video of me posing!

Enjoy watching me kick my own azz in the gym!

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