I’m very pleased with how my body is progressing. I think that under the stage lights, my definition will pop even more. I swear I look SO much better this year than last year at this same point (and on stage for that matter). So that’s a good thing.

Yesterday though, it started to hit me. Man, this is getting hard! Meaning my workouts. As my body dials in, I realize I can’t do what I’m used to. I have to drop the volume to adjust to my current level. Don’t get me wrong. I train like I’m getting ready for guerilla warfare, so it’s kinda understandable with my workouts, lol. But I don’t get mad or frustrated, I just listen to my body as to not injure myself or tax myself in a way that’s unnecessary. 

Today at the gym, besides flirting with Dexter Jackson lol ( ) I worked on some power exercises (snatch, cleans, and jerks), and did an awesome back workout. Yesterday was pretty cool because Eric Di Lauro (Hidetada Yamagishi and Jay Cutler’s trainer) said he saw my posing video and he’s predicting an overall win for me.    . That would be nice, but I’m not even gonna get my hopes up. I have more work to do! I want to get my quads to come in even more. And I have more tweeks to work on over the next 2 weeks and before Team U. I do appreciate the support though and it always feels good when others give you some honest compliments. But I’ve got some ways to go.

On the diet front. I’m doing fine. Hungry, but not dying. On Saturday for some reason I couldn’t get enough of that damn Crystal light stuff. I never really drink it, bought a box to just try, and man it was as good as kool-aid! lol And I don’t even DRINK kool-aid. I’m only going to allow myself to have one of those little single packs in the evening and that’s all. I also bought Chai Tea. I don’t know why because I HATE tea, but I remember I liked the Chai from Starbucks… Well, I’m not sure how I feel about it quite yet. However, I did also buy KAHLUA FLAVORED DAVINCI SUGAR FREE SYRUP!! Yay for alcohol without having to actually drink alcohol!!

Oh and I tweeked my posing a little more, how’s this?

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