135.8!!!! Yessss! I wanted to step on stage in the 135’s and it looks like it’s arriving riiight on time.

At this point, the rest of my prep is starting to feel like a breeze. But the pressure is on for the EXTRAS now. So I’ve got to make my list today of what I’m going to need for the show. Hair appointment, nails, tanner, all the stuff I need to bring to the show. I think I’m going to start packing away the things I know I’m not going to be using in my travel bag today, and build it up as the days go by.

Now the days are coming on so fast. At first, it was taking forever to arrive at “showtime.” 

I’m stoked. Excited. Feeling strong. LOVING every moment of my prep. And really liking what I’m seeing in the mirror. My body is really coming in. This is the first time I’ve ever had even top to bottom and front to back conditioning and symmetry. I’m excited to see how much more I change during the final week leading into the show when Erik is tweaking things daily. Yay! 

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