Ok the weirdest thing JUST happened to me. It hit me that in July I’ll be competing on the National stage in Team U…


I feel like so much of me is floating in a dream right now. So much is so surreal. Business is good, training is good, nutrition is good. Things are picking up quickly and I really have found what I’m passionate about in life. And here I am faced with the opportunity to achieve a dream/goal that has been on my mind for SO long. You never know who will be there, how they will look. The best of the best on the National stage. And all you can do is come in as BEST as you can.

I’m anxious about getting on stage here at The Cals. What I want to see is how this latest presentation shows on stage. I’m ready to look forward to the improvements I can make between then and July. I have to tell myself sometimes to slow down and live moment to moment. Moment to moment. Enjoy the process and don’t get ahead of yourself. But I cannot help but to feel that urge to push past my limits for the big show in July.

I’ll be honest. This is my 3rd show. And I have never, NEVER, worked SO hard. I feel like I’ve even suprised myself. Immensely. I’m ready to go harder if I need to. I’m ready for the next level.


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