Um so yeah, since my life is consumed by this Saturday, I may as well get to the point and slow down your connection with my mid peak week photo.

I think I’m getting more cut. But um… Yeah I’m getting all nervous because man they’d better not tell me I need to be in physique. I love my clear heels! Plus I probably don’t carry enough muscle but whatever. What’s peak week without obsessing over SOMETHING trivial right?

Erik had me doing 45 mins of SS CARDIO!!! Yes THAT dreadful cardio. It was ONE DAY and I whined and bitched about it lol. He said to suck it up, it’s ONE DAY. LOL, so I went for a run. The problem was that I was trying to do it on the stairmill, in a small gym with NO energy from others. So I got on for 10 mins and my body started burning, and it was hurting to just do it, lol. So I sobbed about it to Erik, he in turn told me to shut up, I said yep you’re right captain, took myself on a run, and HAD THE BEST CARDIO SESSION! I forgot that I can’t do the machine hamster thing when I need to do cardio for a duration. For some reason for me, it HAS TO be outdoors.

I then went down to Gold’s, rocked out my weights, and now I’m home chillin until later when I have my group session to train. I have a little surprise to share with y’all, but I’ll talk about it next week when it goes down.

Oh and my post workout carbs…

Bye bye.. 

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